Androgynous male model Andrej Pejic is awesome. We’re fans because he’s 1) ridiculously beautiful, 2) seems serenely happy in his own skin and 3) makes much less of an issue (by which we mean marketing angle) out of his gender identity than anyone else.

Anyway, Andrej met the Queen last night and didn’t go “dude formal” like he may have been expected to:

“I’m wearing a Paul Smith blazer, because I wanted to wear at least one British designer, with a vintage Versace pencil skirt and just some heels,” Pejic told Vogue UK as he got ready for the event. “I wanted to just be myself – androgynous – and play with the masculine blazer and pencil skirt. It’s also a bit Nineties, which I love.”

Pejic was at Buckingham Palace for an event celebrating (maybe?) good-looking Australian people, like himself, Hugh Jackman and Elle Macpherson.

(via Vogue UK)