maleficent cake

We’re a bit beside ourselves with excitement over Maleficent–given the incredible costuming, horn head piece, creepy contacts with sideways pupils, prosthetic cheekbones, and more contouring than we know what to do with, it’s basically a beauty blogger’s dream come true (the epic backstory featuring Angelina Jolie as a misunderstood villain doesn’t hurt). Well, just when I thought nothing could make me a bigger fan of this movie without even having seen it, I got a load of this remarkable Maleficent cake. You have got to be kidding me.

London-based Tattooed Bakers made an impossibly on point bust of our girl Maleficent, completely nailing the expression. While most things of this ilk (looking at you, every single celebrity wax sculpture ever made) spend too much time in the Uncanny Valley and look terrifying, this looks straight up awesome.

I’m especially taken with the cheek bones, which I’d imagine were easier to make in cake than in the arduous prosthetic process on Jolie’s own face for the movie. Also, the cake version looks extra delicious. Whoever was responsible for the makeup choices had to have some training (or at least had to have taken a look at these eyeshadow palette hacks), because Maleficent’s make up is spot on. That red lipstick isn’t going to smudge under any circumstances.

On a final gushing note, I used my expert baking skills to deduce that we’re looking at a red velvet cake, which is the perfect flavor for our evil queen. The cake certainly retained it’s Maleficent-ness when it was cut into–the creep factor actually enhances the whole thing. I simultaneously want to eat this thing, stare at it for an hour, take dorky selfies with it while making bunny ears behind those expertly crafted horns, and have its maker teach me how to contour my face.

Photo: Instagram // h/t: Jezebel