It’s hard to believe that it has been almost four years since Frozen came out considering we’re still singing “Let It Go” and trying to figure out how we can get hair as flawless as Queen Elsa. In that time, we’ve seen lots of Frozen merch, but now we’re going to get a stunning Frozen makeup collaboration from Mally Beauty. Trust us, you’re not going to want to let this one go.

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Mally Beauty, the brand from celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal, took to Instagram to announce that they were collaborating with Disney on the collection. They didn’t reveal photos of the entire thing, but they did share a preview of a printed box decorated in white and blue icy shades that will make you think of Frozen and Queen Elsa. Alas, the beauty brand didn’t reveal any more products at this time, but they did tell us to watch Instagram for further details.

As with many makeup collections, Mally Beauty reveals that this one will be limited edition so you’re going to want to be paying attention to make sure that you snag it.

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POPSUGAR reported that the Mally Beauty Frozen range will launch in November. Stay tuned for more information about the products, prices and possible Queen Elsa makeup tutorials.