Superman Logo & Makeup Tutorial

Today, Man of Steel came out and if you happen to love action movies, that is a wonderful thing. To me, superhero movies are some of the absolute best films to “escape” in, as they take you to this entirely different world where there are good guys and bad guys and whenever possible, the good guys can do crazy stuff in order to defeat even the idea of bad things.

As we are a fashion and beauty site, I tried to figure out a way to incorporate Superman into my weekly posts. Then, I remembered that he has excellent colors for his uniform and that, hey, when else do I get an excuse to utilize primary shades? This is obviously a bit more ridiculous and impractical than most of the tutorials I’ve done so far, but it’s pretty fun, so let me know if you would like to see more of these!

Step 1: Apply concealer and foundation as you normally would. I used a bit of Smashbox primer on my nose and forehead, then CoverGirl Clean Whipped Creme Foundation and Make Up For Ever HD Powder overtop.

Superman Makeup Tutorial

Step 2: Apply a sheer blush in a pinkish color; this is pretty up to your discretion, as blush isn’t a huge part of the look. I opted for Smashbox powder blush in Posey Pink, but really, most colors will work fairly well as long as they’re not too dramatic (you don’t want anything that will overpower or compete with the vivid colors you’re about to do on the rest of your features.

Superman Makeup Tutorial

Step 3: Use a bit of eyelid primer, like Benefit Stay Don’t Stray, to even out your lid and make sure the shadow stays on. This is a fun look for, say, a costume party or dance show, and those usually involve a fair amount of moving around and/or sweating; you might as well keep your look consistent.

Then, take an eyeshadow brush and apply a wash of yellow across your lid. For this, I chose Sephora Banana Split No. 5, which is really bright and smooth, so you don’t wind up looking all chalky. I used CoverGirl Sapphire Flare (315) Flamed Out Shadow Pot Eyeshadow with an angled eyeshadow brush in the crease, then tapered it away from my eye toward my temple. I blended the two a bit, but not so much that it became green.

Then, I applied bright pink shadow (Urban Decay in Woodstock) right about my crease, drawing it outward a bit and avoiding blending as much as possible. I thought about using red, as I know that would be the most true-to-Superman color, but when I applied it, it looked even weirder than this and not in a good way; it was more of a “you might have ‘The Virus'” way a la every zombie movie ever.

Superman Makeup Tutorial Eyeshadow

Step 4: I applied a blue liquid liner, Wet N Wild Mega Liner in Indigo Blue, on my top lash line and drew it out along the blue eyeshadow’s taper. I then used Urban Decay 24/7 liquid eyeliner in Bobby Dazzle on my bottom lash line and tapered that out with the blue liner.

For my lashes, I used Lancome lash primer and Clinique High Impact Mascara in black. For the brows, I used Clinique brow powder with a short, thin angled brush and Anastasia brow gel. It’s good to make a strong brow for this look, as it matches Superman’s angular features.

Superman Makeup Tutorial Eyeshadow & Eyeliner

Step 5: I used a bit of Fresh‘s Rose Lip Treatment to fill in lines on my lips, then lined my lips with Flower Line & Shine Lip Pencil in Cherry Red and applied Sephora Color Lip Last in Wanted Red. Normally, I wouldn’t go so bright with such a bold eye look, but I wanted to add some red in.

Superman makeup tutorial -- lipstick

Step 6: I added a bit of extra blue underneath my eyes because I wasn’t fond of how my eyes looked without something on the lower lashes besides a reflective color. And…voila!

Superman Makeup Tutorial Superman Makeup Tutorial