manchester tart facialWhen you think of celebrities with glowing, healthy skin, are the Three Stooges the first to come to mind? Because a British hotel spa has come up with a “Manchester Tart” facial that consists basically of rubbing a cream pie all over your face.

A Manchester Tart is a traditional pastry with a shortbread shell that’s been filled with raspberry jam and custard filling, topped with coconut, and garnished with a maraschino cherry, which sounds delicious.

The Manchester Tart Facial at the Macdonald Manchester Hotel and Spa, a fancy four-star hotel in the U.K., is basically what happens when a Manchester Tart gets smeared all over your face. The aesthetician will rub apple custard, coconut cream, and cherries all over the client’s face. That also sounds delicious.

According to the spa, there is actually a point to all this. The apple custard is very high in vitamins A and C, which help keep skin looking fresh and healthy. Coconut is also a fast-absorbing moisturizer. The mashed cherries deliver fruit acids that exfoliate by dissolving dead skin cells and making the face look fresh and revived.

“‘The Manchester Tart is often overlooked, but the combination of sweet custard, tangy raspberry and crumbly pastry make it a very tasty classic,” said the hotel’s regional chef, Stuart Duff. “We’re glad to celebrate the humble Manchester Tart in this very novel way.”

It all sounds on the up and up, but doesn’t it seem like it’d be a special kind of torture to lay still, covered in delicious custard? It’s like when my mother-in-law makes her dog hold a treat on his nose to prove that he’s trained enough not to eat it.

The Manchester Hotel has certainly made a compelling case for the aesthetic benefits of cherries and custard. But if they’re good for your skin when applied topically, wouldn’t it be more beneficial to eat them? We’re going to have to investigate this more fully, with a lot of pies.

Via The Daily Mail/Photo: Body Confidential