Manic Panic is celebrating 40 years of rainbow hair and giving us cult favorite products. The brand already released a special hair color in honor of the milestone. Now, it’s teaming up with Hot Topic to created an Amplified Eyeshadow Palette ($11.90) which is inspired by Manic Panic’s beloved rainbow hair colors.

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The vegan and cruelty-free palette comes in a sleek case with graffiti and a CBGB bathroom. When you open it up, there’s a mirror, an included double-sided brush and 12 eyeshadows that match Manic Panic hair dyes.


The collection includes a range of neutral eyeshadows, bolds and pastels. The shades featured are Virgin Snow (white), Vampire Red (rich red), Cotton Candy (pale pink), Hot Hot Pink (vivid deep pink), Pillarbox Red (shimmering red), Purple Haze (deep eggplant), Ultra Violet (shimmering purple), Atomic Turquoise (shimmering turquoise), Enchanted Forest (shimmering forest green), Electric Banana (shimmering gold), Raven (shimmering black) and Dreamsicle (shimmering ivory).

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What makes the eyeshadow palette even better is that it costs about the same price as a bottle of Manic Panic Hair Color. You can snag the palette from Hot Topic for $11.90. That’s slightly less than a dollar per shade, people.


(Photos: Manic Panic/Hot Topic)