This year doesn’t just mark the 40th anniversary of Star Wars. It also marks the 40th anniversary of Manic Panic. The brand has been helping us get gorgeous rainbow hair color at home for four decades, and now they’re making rainbow hair even more accessible by launching a professional hair color range.

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According to Allure, Manic Panic’s Professional Hair Dye range will feature 11 shades. And fans of the original at-home hair colors will be pleased to know that the professional dyes will also be vegan.

The pro dyes will actually come in an innovative gel formula which results in a beautiful semi-permanent finish that will last up to 4o shampoos. The gels are also formulated with castor seed oil and lactic acid so they are kinder on your strands compared to some harsh pro dyes.

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Manic Panic’s Professional Hair Dyes will launch this spring. If you’re interested in seeing how the pro formulas compare to your tried-and-true tub of temporary at-home hair color, be aware that the pro gels are not recommended for at-home use. So, do your research to find out what hair salons will be using the dyes in your area. Then book an appointment to get a professional rainbow hair color. Who’s up for blorange?