mardi gras makeup

(Instagram/Midori in New Orleans)

Mardi Gras is any makeup-lovers dream come true. Coming in second only to Halloween, it’s one of the few times of the year that we can use our favorite bold shades with abandon and have it be 100 percent appropriate. Then again, it’s never not appropriate to rock purple lipstick like the boss bitch that you are. I’m just saying it’s more culturally relevant to break it out on Mardi Gras.

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The holiday’s traditional colors—yellow, green, and purple—can be hard to pull off, though. As we get older, I feel like we’ve conditioned ourselves to stay away from combining such bright primary colors in our fashion and beauty choices. But if you want to break the rules for this one day and go full-on festive for Fat Tuesday, never fear—YouTube is here! Read on for five Mardi Gras-inspired makeup tutorials that’ll have you looking parade-ready in no time! Well, maybe some time. Anyway, keeping scrolling!

1. Wearable Parade Makeup

[youtube_iframe id="VrAMwoce6Eo"]

Sure, glitter can be tough to pull off IRL, but it’s totally appropriate for Mardi Gras. Just use that excuse when you’re boss comes up to you asking why your face and desk are covered in sparkles.

2. Bold Eyes

[youtube_iframe id="KwbGw5d7sKM"]

I absolutely love purple-based eyeshadow looks. I’m not really sure what it is about the color that just makes everything feel so much more regal, but the shades used here make everything look beyond fancy.

3. Festive Smokey Eye

[youtube_iframe id="B4zP4X_B5r4"]

Just another way to jazz up your classic smokey eye.

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4. Go Subtle

[youtube_iframe id="XjpQas0DIG8"]

Honestly, I think people would be hard-pressed to figure out whether this was a Mardi Gras-themed look or not if they didn’t already know it was. For all everyone else knows, this is just a great way to use colored eyeshadow in everyday life.

5. DIY A Mask

[youtube_iframe id="H8_dP4s70NI"]

Why try to pull together an entire look when you can just throw on a mask and be done with it? This painted-on version is a little bit more intricate than your average store-bought option, but the hard work is worth it, in my opinion.

How will you be celebrating Mardi Gras this year? Tell us in the comments!