apothecanna_marijuana lotion

Apothecanna is a luxury skincare line based in Denver, Colorado, and it’s shilling a skincare line infused with cannabis flower extracts. While they claim that none of the products will actually get you high, they are apparently effective at treating a variety of skin problems. Bummer.

The line currently includes a pain creme, stimulating creme, and calming cream, which will run you $36 a bottle. And you’re telling me that this stuff won’t get me high?

According to Apothecanna, “[c]annabis extracts are highly effective in treating a variety of muscle, joint, nerve and skin conditions.” The brand combines: 

“flower oil extracted from cannabis plants with other natural plant extracts such as grapefruit, peppermint and lavender, to form lotions that are ‘powerful anti-inflammatories’, capable of reducing swelling, pain, and irritation.”

This doesn’t seem so particularly unbelievable, given the relief that smoking can bring from pain, and marijuana’s widespread medical use and proven skin benefits. I’m not 100% sold on the idea of using it topically, but I’m not a doctor.

You might wonder how a company is going around selling weed lotion, and it’s because of Colorado’s recent legalization of recreational cannabis use. According to The Daily Mail, it’s actually legal to ship to anywhere in the US, so even if your state doesn’t have laws like Colorado, you can still get yourself some lotion. And if you happen to be in Colorado, you can buy some of Apothecanna’s prdocuts that do promise to get you high. I guess that’s one way to pass the time while doing a face mask.

Photo: Apothecanna