Mario Badecu Silver PowderWhen you read the name “Silver Powder,” you probably imagine some metallic powder you apply to your face so you can look like the Tin Man. And you are probably wondering why there would ever be a product like that, especially when it is not Halloween. The Mario Badescu Silver Powder, $12, actually isn’t like that. It is a skin care treatment that has nothing to do with makeup.

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The powder is meant to unclog congested pores, prevent blackheads and give you a better complexion overall. It is suggested that you use it once or twice a week. To apply it, you dip a damp cotton ball into the powder then press it to any problem areas such as your nose or chin. After 10 minutes, you remove it with your toner.

Silver (and gold) skin care products are not a fresh-off-the-presses category, but they are becoming more and more popular. Plus, the Mario Badescu Silver Powder is different from you usual creams, lotions and masks. Therefore, I was intrigued to try it out.

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You might expect to open the pot and for it to look like a metallic silver eyeshadow. However, it is much more subtle than that. The powder have a faint grayish white hue with not much shine or sparkle to it.Mario Badecu Silver Powder Open

You can see from the photo, that you get a lot of product in there. There’s nothing worse than opening up a jar and realizing it is only half filled with product. You get a generous amount here.

The dry powder has a light texture that really isn’t that much different than a loose face powder. I was initially concerned about dipping a cotton ball directly into the jar because I though it would negatively impact some of the extra powder that didn’t go on my face. For the first few times, I would sprinkle some into the lid then apply it. However, I did try dipping the cotton ball directly into the jar and found that it didn’t affect any of the remaining product. It could be a different story if you put a soaking wet cotton ball in there.

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You then press the powder onto any areas of your face you want to target. It does cover quite well. I only needed a couple of dabs to cover my nose and chin. After you apply it, it does not look that much different than a mask. Once it dries, it also looks similar.

When the ten minutes were up, I used a toner to remove the powder. If I had applied it all over my face, I would probably have wanted to cleanse my face again but if you are doing a smaller area of your face, you can easily remove it with toner.

Verdict: The Mario Badescu Silver Powder says that you will notice a remarkable difference after one application. I did not notice a drastic before-and-after difference after the first time, but the areas I applied it to seemed calmer and less oily. With a couple more uses, my skin did seem clearer. It is a quick treatment and one that you could multitask with so I am going to keep it up.

(Photos: Heather Cichowski/The Gloss)