mary-kate-ashley-olsen-plastic-surgeryWhen Renee Zellweger shows up at an event looking completely unrecognizable, the Internet falls into a tizzy of plastic surgery rumors. But if that’s what happens when one person gets some work done, imagine how much worse it must be when you have to walk around with a twin, which the world will view as a real live “before” photo, which is exactly what’s been going down with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen lately.

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Mary-Kate and Ashley are not actually identical twins, they are fraternal twins who just happen to look a lot alike. But Mary-Kate and Ashley showed up together at the World of Children Awards, and they looked different enough from each other that both TMZ and the Daily Mail started crying plastic surgery.

“28-year-old MK … who’s engaged to 45-year-old Olivier Sarkozy … didn’t quite go full-Zellweger, but something’s up,” TMZ wrote.

Maybe Mary-Kate did have something done, but it hardly seems like the about-face TMZ and the Daily Mail are making it out to be. And while the twins definitely looked different at the event, they were both styled much differently. Ashley is still wearing the wavy hair and dark eye that has been both twins’ signature look since the mid-2000s. Mary-Kate, on the other hand, was trying something different with a flat, waveless, severe hairstyle parted in the center and tucked into the neck of her coat, and her eye makeup almost completely bare.

Makeup, especially eye makeup, can make a huge difference in the way we look. Just look at Zooey Deschanel without makeup–she’s still pretty, but without the dark liner and mascara, her eyes no longer like they’re the size of dinner plates.

For comparison, here’s what the twins looked like at an event a little over a year ago. Mary-Kate is on the left and Ashley is on the right. The twins look different, but with Mary-Kate in her classic Olsen-twin style they look much more similar than they did at World of Children. But aside from the makeup, Mary-Kate in 2013 doesn’t look that much different from Mary-Kate in 2014.


Maybe she’s getting plastic surgery, and if so, eh, it’s her face. Or maybe she just wore her makeup differently and everyone has gotten a little quick on the trigger when it comes to celebrity plastic surgery speculation.

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