I grew up in Central New York and as a result, I have learned that showering at night is your BFF in avoiding frizz or icicle hair (yes, that happens in cold places!). I realize I could just avoid these issues by blowing out and styling my hair, but that takes time and I hate doing it. However, sometimes, leaving the house with wet hair is necessary to do — sometimes people shower in the morning and, like myself, don’t feel like doing a blowout. I don’t mind looking like a wet cat sometimes because honestly, I’m pretty sure nobody cares. So, is this news? Apparently, yes. Water + hair = the key elements in a Mary-Kate Olsen hair tragedy.

Yesterday, Olsen went out in New York City with what Huffington Post called “sopping wet hair” (it kinda just looks damp and combed, but okay). They question whether or not it’s a ‘fashion faux pas’ and say, “We’re not saying that every gal can’t have wash-and-go hair… We just wonder: Can celebs get away with the same?”

Well, yes. Of course they can. While I rarely have sympathy for celebrities — they get free clothes, date each other and make tons of money to show up places — I do think that being constantly photographed and followed would suck. As I mentioned the other day, there are an alarming number of paparazzi photos just showing Sarah Jessica Parker taking her kids to school, and the Olsen twins are no different. There are tons of pictures showing one or both of the Olsens going to grab their cars from the valet, eating yogurt, walking around, breathing in, breathing out, existing…it seems exhausting, and neither Mary-Kate nor Ashley have ever struck me as people who seem particularly happy in the spotlight since reaching adulthood.

Plus, as somebody who spends the majority of her public appearances looking like this:


…I hardly think that she deserves to be criticized for not having her hair blown out by professionals when she’s leaving her house. Oh, wait, that’s because nobody should feel obligated to blow out their hair because that’s just plain ridiculous.

Photos: WENN.com + meddygarnet / Flickr.