Fall is all about pumpkin spice, but the holiday season is all about peppermint, specifically the refreshing minty flavor of a traditional candy cane. We see the seasonal ingredient in all of the festive foods and drinks, but it can also be incorporated into our beauty routine. The MasqueBAR In.Gredients Candy Cane Cream Mask ($5) is one fun way to use it.

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Minty lip balms and foot products are great, but they’re not as special as a candy cane face mask. We’ve seen a lot of face masks featuring some unique ingredients including everything from silver to glitter to watermelon. Candy cane is obviously the most festive of the bunch, making it perfect to get ready for holiday parties.

Unlike some gimmicky ingredients, peppermint is actually good for your skin, too. The Candy Cane Cream Mask is formulated with peppermint leaf extract, citrus extract and sugar maple extract to help cleanse, refine and purify. Use it before the party to prep your skin for makeup and after when you need to detox.

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You can always turn your holiday party beauty prep into a full spa day with a peppermint foot mask and lip treatment. When it comes to the holidays, there’s no such thing as too much candy cane.

(Photos: ASOS)