There are lots of neutral eyeshadow palettes out there, but Maybelline‘s Nudes palette stands out because it is both budget-friendly and beautiful. If it’s a staple in your makeup bag, you’re going to love Maybelline’s latest launch, the 24K Nudes Palette, because it takes your favorite neutral shadows and gives them a party-ready twist.

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We’ve seen a few iterations of the original Maybelline Nudes palette including the Blushed Nudes Palette and the Rock Nudes Palette. The 24K Nudes Palette still has the essence of its original sister, but it’s got a more glamorous vibe thanks to metallic and shimmery finishes.

The palette contains 12 different flattering shades. And before you ask, they’re not all gold. The 24K Nudes Palette features a range of pretty shades that go from white to a shimmering navy. There’s also an iridescent khaki shade, a rich purple and rose gold shades. Best of all, the shadows have a new formula which promises deeper pigmentation.

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The palette isn’t the only thing launching in the 24K nudes collection. Maybelline is also giving us six upgraded neutral nail polishes. If you’re still not entirely convinced about ditching your bright nail polishes for subdued nudes, these ones will make you change your mind thanks to their shimmering finishes.

We’ll have to wait until a bit later in 2017 for the nail polishes, but the good news is that the 24K Nudes Palette is available now and it costs $11.99.