The good thing about the internet and social media is that we get to see all of the different beauty products available. The bad thing is that when we see products that we like but they’re only available in certain countries. It sometimes leads us to writing to the beauty brands and begging them for worldwide releases. Luckily for us, Maybelline has listened and it is bringing the much-loved Burgundy Bar Palette to the US.

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The Maybelline Burgundy Bar Palette has earned a legion of fans thanks to its flattering warm-toned shades. The colors range from pale ivory to raspberry to deep burgundy and are as easy to wear as a brown-toned eye palette. The difference is that the reddish tones create a romantic lip that pairs especially well with red and wine lipsticks.

It’s part of the reason the palette has got favorable reviews from Ireland to South Africa to Australia. The other reasons is that the shadows are pigmented, have minimal fallout and the palette costs much less than more expensive versions.

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Now, we’ll finally be able to see what all the hype is about. Maybelline took to Instagram to reveal that the Burugndy Bar Palette will be launching on these shores soon. They didn’t give a specific launch date, but they did say “very soon.”

We’ll keep you updated with any more information.