If you’re a brow fanatic, you might have heard about the Maybelline Tattoo Studio Brow Gel ($10.99). The good news is that it’s finally going to be available in the US on Amazon and in retail stores.

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If you’re a lazy girl, but you love #flawless brows, you will love the Tattoo Studio Brow Gel because it lasts up to two days Really. Maybelline says that it’s “completely transfer and smudge-proof.” It’s also waterproof. So, the gorgeous brows you have at the start are the same ones you will have hours later.

The Tattoo Studio Brow Gel comes in a tube that looks similar to some of the triangular liquid lipstick ones. When you open it up, there’s an itty-bitty brow brush for a precise application.

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You use the Maybelline Tattoo Studio Brow Gel like you would your other brow products. The wand deposits the color for fuller-looking, bolder brows. Then you’re able to blend it for a natural finish. Once you’re happy with your brows, you can just leave them be.

The brow color comes in four colors: Blonde, Soft Brown, Medium Brown and Dark Brown, for a natural finish no matter your skin tone or hair color.