By now, you are likely familiar with McKayla Maroney, the 16-year-old American gymnast who shot to fame during the 2012 Olympic Games. Even if you aren’t familiar with her phenomenal vault–and despite the fact she’s spent her time in the spotlight wearing smokey eyed, brow-defining, cheekbone-contouring stage makeup–you will probably recognize her face forever: in perhaps the most iconic photo of the 2012 Games, Maroney poses with her silver medal (after a shocking fall on the  mat) and an expression that is best described as “not impressed.” Soon after, the memes came fast and furious. One example–of her unimpressed by Ryan Gosling‘s firm-but-gentle masculinity–is above.

But instead of being tormented forever by her sudden internet ubiquity, Maroney has decided to have an awesome sense of humor about it all. She tweeted the below photo of herself–along with teammates Kyla Ross and Aly Raisman–and the message: “The pool is closed.. #notimpressed”

Maroney: you are doing it right.