When I asked for haircut advice in a crowdsourcing post a few weeks back, I got a lot of nice suggestions as to what, exactly, I should do with my long, boring, brown as fuck hair. Now, I will show you the results. (The actual results, not the halfway-there, blurry, styled in an unusual way results.)

Part of why I took so long to write this post was that I felt awfully vain for asking in the first place, because really, what does anyone care what I do with my hair? Then an internet friend told me he cares what I do with my hair because he is a homosexual, and I remembered that I write for a fashion and beauty blog. So here’s a photo. Let’s pretend I’m wearing sunglasses because I am a vampire and not because I didn’t get enough sleep last night.

In an effort to incorporate everyone’s helpful feedback into my decision, I sent a link to my post to my hairdresser friend Mischa. She narrowed it down to two choices for me (the severe bob or the Alexa Chung), and I chose the Alexa. She told me she wanted to make it a little bit shorter so that it grazed my collar bone, and I said sure, and just like that, I had a haircut. A haircut I liked!

Now let’s fast forward to last night, when I bought a box of Feria “starry night” on my way home from the bar, partly because I am throwing a goth party and partly because I was bored with my brown hair. I mean, my natural color was perfectly nice, but it had the potential to be so much blacker. So I put on some BLACK METAL, donned my “professional colorist gloves” and got to mixing some dark materials together. (By which I mean hair dye and its accompanying aromatic perfume packet.)

Here is what the bottom of it looks like (photographed in front of my favorite wall in my house):


All in all, I’m pretty happy with it, although I forgot that this color looks a little bit blue in the light. Thanks again for all your help, readers, and if you have a particular brand of non-blue-looking black dye that you like, I am, as always, highly suggestible.