Back when Prada’s moody Fall 2011 campaign images first dropped, everyone was asking, “Who is that girl?” alongside a gorgeous, lounging Frida Gustavsson. Turned out she was Kelly Mittendorf, an Arizona-native with no runway experience (!) and perhaps the most unmistakable face we’ve ever seen on a model.

Kelly’s look is so strong and so unusual that she’s been compared around the office to a model version of “the creature from Splice” (thanks Jennifer) and “a Persian cat” (Jill). I think she’s more like what would happen if you crossed Querelle Jansen with Lindsey Wixson, but that’s a stretch because Kelly doesn’t look like anyone else… and there’s nothing more exciting (in the modeling world) than a girl who comes out of nowhere and is uniquely, completely arresting.

Hopefully this Prada campaign isn’t just a one-time splash, because she’s got an amazing look (and I loved her in Steven Meisel’s fantastic “Pret-A-Porter”, a recent Vogue Italia ed). All of this and more ahead.

(Images of solo Kelly all from her thread at TFS, images of the Prada campaign and Meisel ed from FGR)


And here’s the vid: