It took us a second to recognize her, but that uncanny valley up there is renowned beauty Megan Fox, the face of Avon‘s new fragrance, Instinct.

“When we developed Avon Instinct, we were looking for someone who could portray the essence of a wildly alluring fragrance,” said Avon’s Denise McEvoy. “No one evokes magnetic attraction better than Megan—men and women alike see her as a bold, captivating beauty. She’s the perfect face for a scent that’s intensely alluring and a little bit dangerous.”

Megan Fox might be the perfect face for Instinct, but they apparently didn’t think she has the perfect face for it, because they’ve gone and Photoshopped her so she’s barely recongnizable.

In the blue-green dress, she could be anyone. In the leopard print, we could at least tell it’s supposed to be Fox, thanks to the eyes and her signature open-mouth sexyface. But it’s a Mega Fox Photohshop that’s been bronzed, contoured, and smoothed to the point where she looks like a painting of herself by someone who might not have had a reference photo handy. Her face was bronzed and slimmed, and she picked up a sharper jawline somewhere. Even the hair doesn’t look real, and we think they might have drawn on her clavicle.

The most bewildering thing about these Photoshops of horrors is that the wizards behind these ads are hiring some of the most beautiful women in the world, then “correcting” them so much we can’t even recognize them. Megan Fox doesn’t need Photoshop! That’s why you hired Megan Fox.

This is what Megan Fox actually looks like:

megan-fox-2Images: Avon/WENN