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Remember when Glenn Beck made headlines by doing a horrendously long and embarrassing “fake vomit” bit about having to see Meghan McCain’s disgustingly fat, um, shoulders and face in a PSA she filmed to remind people not to give themselves skin cancer? Meghan responded in a swift and classy fashion with an article in The Daily Beast (published earlier this month), and this week she brought her message to a much wider audience with her appearance on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

“I just am gonna let what he said speak for itself, and no man will ever make me a victim, least of all Glenn Beck,” she said. “This is a very toxic message that’s being sent to young women…beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.” Indeed!

The good news is that “young women” are not really in Glenn Beck’s demographic of “insane straight white dudes who want to protect their privilege at all costs,” so probably not very many of them had to hear it. I also appreciate the fact that Meghan pointed out his bit was not funny, like, not even a little. I was offended as both a woman and a lover of good jokes. What did humor ever do to him to deserve to be murdered thus?

I might not agree with all of Meghan McCain’s politics, but one thing she consistently gets right is sending a positive message to girls about body image. If John McCain has to exist, I’m glad at least this one small bit of good karma has issued from his loins.