dude in bra

Each and every day, I wake up with a stretch of the arms, a wide smile, and an optimistic attitude about what new wonders the internet will bring to me in the coming hours. Sometimes it’s something charming, like a video of nerdy dudes trying on women’s sexy Halloween costumes. Sometimes it’s something inspiring, like some artwork that celebrates body diversity. Sometimes it’s a video of douchebag radio DJs trying to grow breasts. The age of the internet is an amazing time to live.

Basically, there’s these two famous radio DJs from Berlin’s JAM FM station, John and Rasheed, and they made the wise choice to let someone inject them with a saline solution so they could have breasts for one day… and feel like women. (Because, as you know, the singular requirement for being a woman is having C-cup breasts. Because all women have breasts. And no men do. Get it? GET IT?? DO YOU GET IT?!?!) In the grand tradition of disc jockeys, they spent their 24 hours of boobiness making dumb jokes and being sort-of-funny-but-mostly-irritating. They also tried on bras and went to the gym. Why not?

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So what did John and Rasheed learn from their day? It’s inconvenient to work out when you have bags of extra fat on your chest. (True.) It’s kind of fun to try on new bras at the lingerie store. (True.) Sometimes your breasts bleed when you let someone shove a syringe full of saline into them. (True, I guess.)

What did I learn from watching this video? The douche-bro DJ trope exists in other cultures, too. Men don’t actually look that different with C-cups than they do with the B-cups they were born with. Pink bras look just as cute on hairy chests as they do on smooth ones. I don’t enjoy seeing breasts with blood leaking out of them.

Life is full of lessons to be learned, you guys. Thank goodness these dudes are around to help us expand our minds today.