The age-old (or at least since the 1950’s) saying goes that gentlemen prefer blondes. But according to a new survey, that’s actually an out-and-out lie, concocted to sell bleach products to gullible housewives*.

The poll was conducted by social network site Badoo, and found that among British men, 33.1 percent said they find brown hair the most attractive, 29.5 percent preferred blondes, 28.6 liked black hair best, and 8.8 loved redheads.

Of course, this age-old question begs another age-old question: do you care? I think that a survey of women  — which I’ve never seen done — might reveal that women choose their hair color based on what looks best with their skin tone, not what men like. And I’d wager that if men were given such a nuanced query, they’d pick (whether they knew it or not) “what looks best with her skin tone” as well.

We all know that one girl, for example, with the olive skin who went blonde, or the chick with the pink undertones who chose an unfortunate shade of mousy brown. (Actually, that was me. By accident. Once.)

So, what do you think? Do men’s opinions carry any weight at all when it comes to what you do with your hair color?

*That’s not really true, at least as far as we know.