kate moss model

Fashion week is coming up! Your boyfriend is probably going to leave you for Kate Moss! Your life is going to resemble a terrible Adam Sandler movie!

No, no, that’s not going to happen. Good talk, though. And Kate Moss seems like a pretty okay person, so I’m not sure how much wacky mayhem would occur. I mean, she’d have to get divorced so it would… not be an Adam Sandler movie. But, given that men do seem to like dating really beautiful women, do they secretly fantasize about dating a model? Would they ditch their current girlfriend for a model if they could? Would your boyfriend ditch you for a model?

I mean, probably not, but lets see how paranoid you should be. We polled our male friends – and we tried to get as many who have dated models as possible – on why dating models is appealing/completely unappealing.