By now you must have heard that Meredith Vieira is taking over The Today Show as Katie Couric moves to the CBS Evening News, but this was my favorite part of the story…


“Close up, it’s obvious that stylists have worked on Vieira’s head this morning. Her lovely deep-set eyes are shaded halfway across the lid, and her longish highlighted hair, with two wings swept back, might have blonde strands — or are those silvered? Laugh lines radiate around her eyes, and no, she hasn’t been stretched taut surgically. “That slippery slope,” she calls cosmetic surgery. “My goal is to avoid it, but my god, I’m in a visual medium. I’m only 52. Nobody’s asked yet.” (We feel such affection for someone who uses the phrase “only 52.”)”

Now if only someone would mistake my “silvered strands” for blonde, I would be most impressed. But it does go to show that we are not being put out to pasture simply because we have crossed that big 50th birthday from our list.

Finally, they are starting to notice!!

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