If we’re not crying unicorn tears over the latest holographic product, we’re waxing poetic about how mermaids are the ultimate beauty icons. Given the number of dazzling mermaid beauty products that are available at the moment, it’s easy to understand why.

For those who are on the hunt for even more mermaid goodness, they can try mermaid nail art. Mermaid manicures are just as amazing as mermaid makeup and they offer endless options. Whether you’re going for a textured mermaid tail look or you’re channeling Ariel herself, there are tons of brilliant looks to play around with.

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Here are 12 beautiful mermaid nail art ideas to try:

1. Black Embellished Mermaid Nails

Who said that mermaid manicures always have to be blue? The black nail polish base helps the embellishment pop.

2. Little Mermaid Details

If you’re a Little Mermaid fan, you have to try this gorgeous manicure out. That seashell bra nail is so cute. And the hair nail…

3. Pastel Blue and Pink Fish Scales


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This mermaid scale nail art has a bit of a unicorn vibe thanks to the pastel pink and blue. We don’t mind.

4. Seashells and Scales

Copy the seashells, copy the scales or copy both. FYI: You can use decals or nail stamps if you don’t want to attempt a freehand design.

5. Underwater Manicure

This is a clever composition in so many ways. Not only is it a unique take on mermaids, but it’s also easier than some designs thanks to the minimalist black and blue color palette.

6. Purple-Haired Mermaid

As much as we love Ariel and her red hair, we have to admit that this mermaid’s purple hair is giving us major hair envy.

7. Sparkling Fish Scales

Are you a nail art newbie? Instead of spending ages freehanding fish scales, recreate the look using chunky glitter nail polishes.

8. Fish Scales With Shell Accents

Have you already been experimenting with fish scale nails? Adding some shells is the next order of business.

9. Swirls and  Shells

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Now this is a mermaid manicure that you don’t see every day. The swirling shapes and the placement of the decals creates a very dynamic look.

10. Metallic Mermaid Accent Nails

Contrast an inky blue manicure with metallic mermaid scale accent nails. If you can’t find decals, you can recreate your own using arts and crafts papers.

11. Lime Green and Turquoise Fish Scales

Fish scales are a classic mermaid manicure. We’re loving this fun combination of the neon lime green with the turquoise ombre. Then you’ve got the bottle green accent nails.

12. Sparkly Blue Embellished Nails

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This manicure looks fintastic and it’s actually not that complicated to do. It’s basically just sparkly nails with embellishment applied on top. You can totally do that.