If you don’t want to channel your inner unicorn it’s probably because you’re too busy trying to unleash our inner mermaid. If you’re drawn to any sort of mermaid merch, prepare to be obsessed with the Mermaid Salon Chubby Mermaid Multipurpose Makeup Brushes ($16) that are currently going viral.
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Australia-based makeup brand Mermaid Salon has created makeup brushes that are peak mermaid. Would you expect anything less given the brand’s name? While we have seen a few different mermaid makeup brushes released, the thing that makes these ones different is their shape. While most themed brushes maintain the traditional long, skinny brush shape, Mermaid Salon’s don’t. Instead, they are flatter and thicker to get a proper mermaid fin look. Add in a textured scale look and little fins and you can see why the internet is going crazy for them.

The “chubby mermaid” brushes are currently available in three different colors: silver, trendy rose gold and an unexpected matte black finish.

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And the good news is that Mermaid Salon will ship the brushes internationally, so you don’t have to trek to Australia to get them. The brushes sell for $16 plus shipping. What’s more is that right now Mermaid Salon is including a free lipstick when you buy a brush.

Holy moly our chubby mermaid multipurpose brush is finally HERE ???

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As with most viral beauty products, don’t expect the Chubby Mermaid Multipurpose Brushes to be around forever. At the rate they’re blowing up, they’re going to be as hard to find as actual mermaids.