Pretty much every shade of rainbow hair is stunning. That’s part of the reason why there are so many different hair color trends and they are all so varied. Out of all of the shades in the rainbow, pink hair might just be the favorite. We’ve seen everything form salmon sushi hair to beloved rose gold, and now we have metallic bubblegum hair.

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Metallic bubblegum hair combines two of our favorite things: pretty pastel hair colors and a metallic finish.The result is a prismatic dye job that will allow you to unleash your inner unicorn.

If you’re wondering how metallic bubblegum hair separates itself from the countless other pink hair trends, especially its cousin rose gold, the difference is that the soft metallic pink is combined with tangerine on a soft grape base. Doug Martucci, Creative Director at ProRituals, explained to The Gloss about how metallic bubblegum hair has a distinct look:

“Traditional pink tends to be more vibrant and more intense, meaning the hair can also be darker before you apply the pink.  Traditional Pink can be very flat in nature when it comes to the reflection and almost opaque whereas a metallic will exhibit tones that have an almost patina effect in the hair.  In order for this to happen the hair has to be pre-lightened to a very pale blond first and usually pre-toned with a violet shade to remove any unwanted warmth prior to applying one of these shades.  In order to achieve this look multiple shades are used. Start with a strong base color in the bubble gum of your choice, just like bubblegum it’s fun.  Alternate strands of color and have fun melting two to three shades down the strands to create a unique distinct reflection.”

Another great thing about the metallic dye job is that the different warm tones in it help bring out golden tans.

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If you want to try out the trend, you’re going to need to be prepared for a few visits to the salon until you have light enough hair to apply the grape, tangerine and pink tones to. And like a lot of rainbow hair colors, this one will require some maintenance. Hair should definitely be treated with color-safe hair products, and you’ll have to hit the salon regularly to keep your metallic bubblegum hair looking, erm, bubblegum-y.