Michele Bachmann (along with her two crazy eyes) wants to be President. This desire to lead the free world brought her to Vegas last night, to take part in CNN’s debate between GOP hopefuls. This morning, concerned citizens everywhere are dealing with the fallout from… her French tips.

And now, a personal anecdote: we had a male friend who was smart and funny and interesting. He had two strict dealbreakers: he wouldn’t date someone he thought was dumb and he wouldn’t date someone with a French manicure. He thought it was the “height of sleaze.” Some of you might find that shallow. That’s fair, but he’d also go into a lengthy monologue about how those two dealbreakers more often than not showed up in the same girl.

As for us, we kind of just find thick French tips dated-looking. We italicized thick because we can deal with a subtle slender line and also we’re pretty partial to more modern spins with contrasting colors.

So. French tips: is Michele Bachman on the cusp of a new trend or way behind the times?

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(image via HuffPo)