Michelle Obama celebrated her 49th birthday in style today by debuting a brand new hairstyle via Twitter. As you can see, that hairstyle includes bangs!

What do you think? I like them, obviously, because I believe that in 99% of cases, bangs only make hot people hotter, provided you don’t half ass them like Kate Middleton. And Michelle Obama is a hot lady. Ergo, bangs look hot on her.

What works about the haircut? This should be obvious to anyone with eyes, but just in case you are reading this on a braille keyboard and cannot see the picture above, they frame her face very nicely, as does the rest of her hair, like a nice picture frame beautifies a painting. (Bangs do that to everyone, they just do it to hot people more.) They also minimize that high forehead that some people like to complain about, and give her a youthful, fun look, as if to say, “Just because I’m almost 50 doesn’t mean I can’t still rock a cute, trendy yet classic hairstyle while dancing all night to Al Green.”

Some people think Michelle Obama got “The Karlie,” but I think that’s silly, because if anyone is allowed to get a standard bob with bangs and re-name it after herself, it is the Queen of America. Now if you will excuse me, I need to call my hairdresser to see how much this kind of thing might cost.

(Via Buzzfeed Shift)

Photo: @FLOTUS