Michelle Obama's Bangs

While in Belfast for the G8 Summit, First Lady Michelle Obama made a speech that led to angry Twitter users taking to the Internet to coice their frustrations. Was it her ideas? No. Was it her phrasing? No. Was it because she can’t stop singing One Direction while in Ireland? No, shockingly. It was because of her bangs, of course! Naturally, that is all anybody seems to care about when it comes to Michelle Obama, which is rather sad, to say the least.

Apparently, her bangs were “annoying” to people, which is odd because there are approximately 800 other aspects of the G8 Summit that are more important that the First Lady’s hairstyle. But no: the hashtag #bangsfail was trending because, again, there seems to be nothing more important about Michelle Obama to people than her hair which, again, is so very sad, as she’s an intelligent woman with plenty of ideas.

STOP TALKING IN EUROSPEAK!!! Wait, no, every trashy magazine we read somehow finds a way to include the phrase “fringe benefits” into articles about bangs, so we are aware of this wild wording.



If you’re going to dislike her, why not get mad about her words — which you have to listen to first — than how she styled the first section of her hair?

Photo: Getty Images