Michelle Rodriguez posts nude photo on Instagram and looks more serene than sexified.

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz

My my, this has been a big couple o’ weeks for Michelle Rodriguez and creepers. First, Rodriguez was kind of/sort of outed reported girlfriend and professional weird face-maker Cara Delevingne, months after the two were spotted drunkenly making out at a Knicks game. For creeps, it’s been a fun week because they got to ogle an Emma Stone lookalike (or Stone herself, depending on who’s talking) who happened to be naked. Now, we have a combo story featuring Michelle Rodriguez in all her naked glory.

The great part of this tale of nude pics, however, is that Rodriguez was not sneakily put online by an ex–which would make the ex the worst, as we all know–and she did not have her phone hacked into. Nope! She posted it herself on Instagram:

Michelle Rodriguez posts nude photo on Instagram and looks more serene than sexified.

Photo via Michelle Rodriguez’s Instagram account.

The photo was accompanied by this caption:

“A sweet break from worldly chaos not missing the city although the mosquitos are killer out here love the peace & quiet.”

Indeed, rather than being some super borderline-sexy-but-not-really topless mirror shot of Rodriguez making a peace sign (okay, maybe being on OKCupid has tainted my image of pictures sans shirts), the photo is incredibly serene and just features her hanging out in the grass, probably relaxing more than a sloth on Sunday afternoon. And that’s absolutely awesome.

Not gonna lie, I am pret-tay jelly of this picture. Not only am I remarkably bad at yoga, I also suck at getting sunshine; I can blame a York City all I want but in the end, it is all my own fault. I keep telling myself I will go for more walks but then I get off work at 6 and it’s like LOL I’ll just go eat Doughnut Plant in my dark windowless living room instead. Oh, and I also suck at being a ridiculously wealthy celebrity who can go hang out in gorgeous locations that do not simply face an ocean/lake/other beautiful body of water, but also have infinity pools and fountains nearby. Indeed, I am bad at being Michelle Rodriguez, and I am a little disappointed in myself for that right now.

May we all strive to be as peaceful as Naked Michelle Rodriguez. Ohm.