Kate Young For Target Launch

Sorry mortals, the title of this post is a little misleading–Michelle Williams isn’t really a human, she’s an angel who came to earth to rain cuteness on the rest of us. I mean, this radiant, talented, stylish woman is practically flawless. She’s so like-able. I heard she actually rides around in a bubble, like her character in Oz the Great and Powerful. She dated everyone’s fantasy cuddle buddy, Jason Segel, and they were perfect together, but then they broke up, proving once and for all that love is a myth.

But all is forgiven! Who could stay mad at that face?

Does Michelle Williams even have haters? Maybe my judgment’s clouded by unrelenting fandom, but it seems like her daring-yet-darling pixie cut a few years ago was better received than far less dramatic cuts. Ever since, Williams has been making haircut moves!  She debuted her newest crop at the Kate Young for Target launch last night. Here’s another angle:

Kate Young For Target Launch

Her new style is a tasteful take on the partially shaved head trend favored by rascals like Skrillex and Miley Cyrus. Williams drops more cute bombs than beats, so the softer spin on the look suits her. The results are edgy but pretty, a combination Williams effortlessly delivers time after time. Many asymmetrical haircuts can look severe and kind of try hard, but this one just looks feminine and dreamy. Probably because it’s on Michelle Williams’ perfect head.

Justin Bieber should take notes.

(Photos via Wenn)