To prepare for tonight’s Golden Globes, Black Swan star Mila Kunis is getting a facial from celebrity esthetician Scott-Vincent Borba. The “HD Diamond and Ruby Peel” involves her getting the gemstones rubbed on her face and neck. Oh, and it costs more than a house payment.

“The rubies act as the antioxidant and the diamonds provide a topical sheen,” says InStyle, “and he tops it off with a peraffin silk fiber facial. Borba also has her suck on an ice cube during the process, a trick that helps decrease puffiness.” But does Kunis get to keep the jewels afterward? Because if you’re paying the equivalent of a Birkin for a facial, you might as well get something extra to take home afterward.

Tonight while I watch the ceremony I am going to try and replicate the look by rubbing a necklace on my face while drinking a cold beverage.