Miley Cyrus Shock GIF

Miley Cyrus had a really tough time with the passing of her beloved dog, Floyd. It was very sad, but she seems to be doing better now. She recently got an adorable new puppy named Emu, and last night she and her friends celebrated the memory of Floyd with some new tattoos … and a nipplegram.

That’s a nipple all right. She got past Instagram’s notoriously stringent no-nipple rules by sticking a patriotic little firework over the nipple, but it doesn’t totally seem to hide everything. She also got a new tattoo last night in memory of her dog, which is really sweet.

The tattoo itself is a little picture of Floyd saying, “With a little help from my fwends,” and surprisingly, Cyrus’ friends last night all got the same ink.

At first I thought these were probably temporary tattoos. While it would not be unusual for Miley Cyrus to get a tattoo commemorating her own dog, it seemed a little out-there for her friends, photographer Katy Weaver and Flaming Lips singer Wayne Coyne, to get the same tattoo. But a photo from Weaver’s Instagram seems to indicate that those tats are the real deal.

“Gettin tattooooooo at house party in L.A…. Fuck yeah!!!!!” Coyne Tweeted. The trio all tagged their pictures #spiritualselfie.

So, uh, the lead singer of The Flaming Lips got a tattoo of Miley Cyrus’ dog. That’s weird, but it’s as good a thing to get a tattoo of as anything, I guess. And besides, it’s far from the worst tattoo anybody has ever gotten. It’s not even anywhere near the top 20. At this point, any tattoo is OK, because no tattoo will ever come close to the awfulness of this poor guy with the suicidal sausage permanently drawn on him.

(Photos: Instagram)