miley cyrus shower selfie feet

Miley Cyrus is gaining a lot of ground on Kim Kardashian, and may soon outstrip North West’s mom as the queen of selfies. Last night she upped her game with a Miley Cyrus shower selfie that wasn’t nearly as naughty as the name would imply. Considering how many red-carpet pasties she has worn, the fuzzy towel she wears is downright demure and mysterious.

miley cyrus shower selfie

She has her tongue out, of course. She told Barbara Walters she does that because she feels awkward in photos and doesn’t know what to do with her face or smile. We find that pretty hard to believe, since she was the biggest Disney star in the world and must have been media-trained since she was 5. But if she wants to stick her tongue out, that’s cool. But the infamous shower selfie does have us asking one question: Is this really what Miley Cyrus looks like without makeup?

No one wears makeup in the shower, right? And if we go out on a limb and assume this is an actual post-shower selfie and not a contrived “post-shower selfie,” then it would logically follow that this is Miley Cyrus without makeup. But if this is Miley Cyrus without makeup, I am envious forever. Between the perfect eyebrows, eyelashes, and perfect, perfect skin, this is a look it normally takes me like 45 minutes to get, if that. Does she sleep in a vat of stem cells while robot-operated Clarisonic brushes exfoliate her to a newborn glow? She has Miranda Kerr levels of skin luminosity going on there.

This whole time she’s been rocking perfect skin on the red carpet and we thought she just had really good foundation. That’s not fair! Foundation we can buy; perfect skin is cheating.