Winter is great. The holidays. The Snuggies. The ugly but oh-so-comfortable socks. The Pumpkin-spice lattes. But winter is also the worst. The holidays. The Snuggies. The ugly, itchy sweaters. The dry skin. Especially the dry skin. My lips always get so freaking chapped in the winter. I don’t know how they do it but they just love to be flakey. It’s really quite attractive. Yes, it’s not winter yet. But since the weather has gone bizerk, my chapped lips are already starting to be a problem. And for some reason, no amount of Chapstick or Vaseline ever seems to do the trick. But we recently got our hands (rather, lips) on some of NIVEA’s protective lip care products and my lips have never loved me more.

I’ve been using the “A Kiss of Milk and Honey” flavor, Lilit’s been using the “A Kiss of Recovery” Flavor, Jennifer’s been using the “A Kiss of Flavor” strawberry-tinted flavor and Ashley got stuck with the NIVEA for men. (Oops. I’m sure it works just the same. She’ll be fine.) But what I really love about this line so much is that it’s no too waxy or sticky. It’s the perfect amount of solid and moisture. I’m addicted to pressing my lips together. So instead of unsexy, chapped flaky lips, I have sexy, silky, milk and honey lips. Who knew that milk and honey would be good for smooth skin? I wonder if it can work as a body lotion too. Or maybe I’ll just start drinking and eating more milk and honey so my skin will inherently be soft and smooth.