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“Holographic” is one of the buzzwords in beauty along with “unicorn” and “contouring.” And when it comes to holographic products, Milk Makeup is one of the brands to watch thanks to its cult favorite chubby Highlighter Stick. Soon the glow won’t be restricted to just your face because Milk Makeup is launching Holographic Lip Glosses that are inspired by its beloved highlighter.

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Allure reported that Milk Makeup is launching two Holographic Lip Glosses. The first shade is “Supernova.” It’s a silvery purple shade that is reminiscent of the highlighting stick. If you’ve been lusting over BECCA‘s lilac highlighter, then you will like “Supernova.” Trust.

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The second shade is “Mars” and takes us to the opposite side of the color spectrum thanks to its golden peach hue. It’s the sort of shade that looks gorgeous on anyone, but would look especially beautiful on warmer skin tones.

Both of the lip glosses can be worn alone or added on top of one of your liquid lipsticks to create a prismatic top coat.

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If you want your lips to be as dazzling as your complexion, you’ll be able to pick up the Milk Makeup Holographic Lip Glosses when they launch on May 2 on the Milk Makeup website. The glosses will sell for $24 each.

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The Milk Makeup Holographic Lip Glosses will launch on May 2 on the Milk Makeup website.