Last week, Milk Makeup revealed that it was following up its Kush Mascara with another CBS-infused cannabis oil product. The brand has been teasing us with lots of smoky, weed-pun-crazy posts. After all of the anticipation, it’s official that Milk Makeup is launching a Kush Brow Gel ($18).

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Forget eyebrows on fleek, Milk Makeup reports that the Kush Brow Gel will give you “naturally lit” brows. And we have a few options to choose from. There’s a clear version and three tinted Kush Fiber Brow gels. They all contain CBD-infused cannabis oil and come in chic white packages with teeny-tiny spoolie brushes that deliver product without any stiffness.

DO SOMETHING DOPE FOR YOUR BROWS. Meet #kushbrow – our hemp-derived, CBD-infused cannabis oil is back for another hit!👌🏽 – 1️⃣Kush Fiber Brow Gel fills, thickens & defines brows with heart-shaped fibers 2️⃣Kush Clear Brow Gel tames & sets brows without stiffness. Need another hit? 👇🏽 – 🖤 KUSH FIBER BROW GEL – $18 (3 neutral shades: Haze, Dutch, Grind) 💨HEART-SHAPED FIBERS: tinted heart-shaped fibers create full & thicc brows 💨NATURALLY LIT: hemp-derived, CBD-infused cannabis oil conditions brow hairs + locks fibers into place 💨TAPERED TREE BRUSH: dense, firm bristles evenly deposits brow gel – 🖤 KUSH CLEAR BROW GEL – $18 💨GROOM IT: invisible gel tames and sets brow hair for an all-day hold (alcohol-free!) 💨NATURALLY LIT: hemp-derived, CBD-infused cannabis oil conditions + won't cause flaking or stiffness 💨SET IT: use alone to shape your natural brows, or layer over a brow pencil – We wanted our #MilkMakeup Mob to get the first hit so saddle up — we're having a ⚡️F L A S H  S A L E⚡️ right now — exclusively available through the link in our IG bio. – Wanna see it in action? Hit up our IGTV now! 📺 – Time to get faded. #kushbrow officially drops 6/26 on & Will be in @sephora stores on 7/6!

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Those who don’t want any extra color on their brows can use the Kush Clear Brow Gel. The clear, alcohol-free formula conditions brows and grooms them. They’ll stay in place all day without flaking or feeling awkward. Milk Makeup reports that the gel can be used over top of brow pencil.

Want to tame and add colors to your brows all in one shot? The Kush Fiber Brow Gel ($18) is for you. It’s available in three neutral shades (Haze, Dutch and Grind) and has tinted heart-shaped fibers which create full, thick brows and keep them in place.

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If you want naturally lit brows, they can be yours as early as next week. Milk Makeup launches its Kush Eye Brow Gel on June 26 at and Those who want to shop in Sephora stores can pick it up from July 6. If you act fast, Milk Makeup has an exclusive flash sale available through the link in its Instagram bio. If you’re late to the party, know that you can still get it next week.

The Milk Makeup Kush Brow Gel will launch June 26 at and and at Sephora stores from June 6.