Hopefully you didn’t spend all of your money at Milk Makeup‘s 25% off sale because the brand has some exciting stuff in the works. Following the launch of the Kush Mascara, Milk Makeup already has a new product in the works.

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The Kush Mascara is a mascara infused with cannabis oil, aka CBD oil, for soft lashes. Appropriately, it was launched on 4/20. It seemed that Milk wasn’t content on waiting until 4/20 2019 to launch the follow-up Kush beauty product because it has already dropped two teasers about aΒ new launch.

Milk Makeup didn’t reveal too much, but they filled the teasers with stoner puns aplenty: See “Puff puff baby, the next kush is coming β€” and it’s gonna blow you away” and “Trust us, it’s DOPE.”

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The preview photos show people opening up boxes which are surrounded by various beauty products including crystals, jade rollers and the Milk Makeup Kush Mascara, obvs. The trouble is that we cannot see inside the boxes because of the smoke to see what exciting beauty product is lurking inside.

Fans have been speculating about what the launch could be. It appears nothing is off limits. Everything from mists to sticks to eyeshadows to even vape pens have been suggested.

We’ll be getting you updated because this is likely going to be one dope launch. Sorry.