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It’s been a pretty big week for me in terms of beauty, y’all. Just yesterday, I got to try out the ever-elusive Kylie Jenner Lip Kits, and now, I’m going to channel my inner Cool Girl™ (and trust, she’s buried way down in there) with Milk Studio‘s debut beauty collection, Milk Makeup. What a time to be alive, ya know?

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Some basic background on the line before we jump right in: launched earlier this month, Milk Makeup was created with busy, professional women in mind. Each product is designed to be applied with your fingers or a built-in applicator, and the highly pigmented, long-lasting products are easy to transition from day to night. The line includes everything from color makeup and skincare to beauty tools and applicators. Prices range form the very affordable $8 to $38 for a pretty hefty tube of skin-friendly oil. Basically, it’s your one-stop shop for all things beauty.

In the interest of keeping this review as streamlined as possible, I decided it would be best to focus on products from the color collection that I found most intriguing (though stay tuned for a review of the skincare—I got my hands on the Sunshine Oil ($38) and the Cooling Water ($24), and I’m pretty psyched about both). So, without further ado, let’s all try to get cool!

First up, Jillian tried out the Lip Pigment in Preach ($24). The packaging, like with all the Milk Makeup products, is simple: it looks a lot like the Claire’s lip balms you’d get when you were younger. Instead of popping the top off, though, you slide the product out. It’s actually pretty cool:

milk lip

From there, it’s as simple as patting the product on with your fingers. Here’s how it looks once it’s applied:

milk lip pigment

I love the subtle, but still bright, color that this pigment adds. I could totally see a light application working for a day at the office, and adding more would be a great night-out look.

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Next up, she tried the Blush Oil in Ripe ($26), which the website describes as a dusty rose shade.

milk blush oil

The application on this is pretty different from any other blush I’ve used. We’re all comfortable with powder and cream blushes by now, but I don’t think there have been too many blush oils out on the market right now (except for maybe Benefit‘s BeneTint). To get to the product, you pump one end of the stick until the desired amount of blush comes out onto the roller ball applicator:

milk blush oil rollerball

Interestingly enough, Jillian is someone who often laments the fact that, no matter how much she uses, blushes just don’t show up on her skin. If you ask me, it looks like this shows up beautifully:

milk blush oil side by side

Before and After

Jillian says the blush goes on almost like a roller ball lip gloss and blends really easily, and texture-wise, it’s somewhere between a cream and a tint. Like a cream blush, it’s subtle, but buildable.

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And now, it was my turn to give some of the products a spin! Since I’m all about multitasking, I was excited to try out the Lip + Cheek Tint in Rally ($24), which is a sheer mauve color. The tint comes in a fun, compact tube, and the product is domed to allow for precise application:

milk lip and cheek tint

Very lightly, I dabbed a little bit straight from the product on to my cheeks and blended it in with my fingers. Here ‘s the resulting look:

milk lip and cheek tint swatch

The product description wasn’t lying when it said that the tint was sheer. I was nervous about applying too much and ruining the makeup I already had on, but I definitely could have applied a few more layers. Overall, though, the product was really easy to blend, and it adds a nice, natural flush of color. The same can be said for the lips:

milk lip and cheek lips

It’s just slightly more purple than my natural lip color, and it’s insanely moisturizing. I put it on about an hour ago now, and my lips still feel soft and smooth. 

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Next, I tried the Highlighter in Lit ($24). We’ve found a whole slew of good highlighters here at The Gloss, so I was curious to see if this could hold up to its competitors. The packaging is identical to the Lip + Cheek Tint:

milk highlighter

The product description claims that the highlighter is a universal shade, but I’m a little skeptical. I don’t normally go for such gold-toned highlighters, though the subtle shimmer certainly seems tame enough. Here’s how it looks:

milk highlighter swatch

My eyebrows are way overdue for a wax…Sorry, y’all.

I applied two lightbswipes to each cheekbone, and guys, this highlighter picks up SO much light. I can see what they mean about it being a universal shade, too: the application is light, and you’re not left with any pigment once it’s applied. Like the Lip + Cheek Tint, it’s easy to blend, and it feels so smooth and moisturizing.

We’re not done yet. Because I’m an unabashed lipstick junkie, I was dying to try out the Lip Colors ($22). Here they are in Freshhh, a hot pink, and Grrrl, a dark plum (I can’t handle these names):

milk lip markers

I love that they went with a classic lipstick bullet shape, but it’s small enough that you don’t have to worry about coloring outside the lines, so to speak. The hues are pretty true to the bullet, too:

milk lip markers swatches

Huge news: I barely had to press down at all in order to achieve this fully pigmented color. Name one other bullet lipstick that can do that and I’ll…listen, I guess. They were also ridiculously soft, though I’d recommend leaving some dry time for these puppies. Given how easy it was to remove them, I’d imagine they could potentially be prone to smudging.

Since those were so pigmented so quickly, I was excited to see what the Eye Pigment ($24) had in store for me. Here are the adorable not-so-little tubes in Peep Show, a metallic taupe, and Sesh, an electric blue:

milk eye pigments

Bless whoever designed this packaging, because I always hate when I can’t immediately differentiate between two tubes of color makeup. The blue and taupe writing make the instantly discernible. And guys, when they say that these are pure pigment, they’re not lying:

milk eye pigments swatches

LOOK AT THESE COLORS. I literally used a dot, maybe the size of the tip of a bobby pin, and that’s the color payoff I got. I’m not really sure when I’ll be able to use a blue like that (sadly, David Bowie-esque makeup isn’t exactly my aesthetic), but that taupe is just begging to be paired with a matte or shimmery black shadow and a strong cat eye.

And there you have it! That really is just a tiny sampling of the products that Milk Makeup has to offer, and I’m already a little bit obsessed. They’re the perfect products to keep at your desk or in your handbag for emergencies, and the packaging is, of course, as cool as what’s inside. Milk Studios, you’ve done it again.

Have you tried out Milk Makeup? What’s your favorite product in the collection? Tell us in the comments!

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(Photos: Jillian Lucas & Sara Steinfeld/The Gloss)