Ever since Nails Inc. first announced its spray-on nail polish, beauty junkies everywhere couldn’t get enough of it. A virtually idiot-proof at-home manicure that could take less than five minutes? As Lizzie McGuire once said, this is what dreams are made of! For a while there, Nails Inc. was the only player in the spray-on polish game. That’s all about to change, though: Milk Makeup, a.k.a. the beauty brand that could make even dweebs like me feel cool, is launching its own version of spray-on polish, and (I hate it to say it) it might even be better than its predecessor.

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Created with the same concept of ease and metallic manis in mind, Milk’s product feels just a bit more sleek and sophisticated, due in part to their minimalist packaging:

milk spray polish

The application process is simple:

  1. Apply a base coat to clean, dry nails.
  2. Shake can well and, holding it about eight inches away from your hand, spray the product evenly across all the fingertips (don’t worry if it gets on your fingers—the messiness is part of the fun!
  3. Allow nails to dry (or repeat process for more opaque color), and apply top coat
  4. Wash hands with soap and warm water to remove excess polish from the skin

And there you have it! In just about 10 minutes, you have your perfect at-home manicure, plus the added fun of playing graffiti artist. You can also experiment with different nail art looks, like this shimmery ombre:

milk makeup ombre nail

The Milk Mail Spray Nail is available in three shades: Burner, the chic bronze color used in the ombre above, Dubs, a metallic chrome, and Throwie, which appears pink at first but is described as a shifting iridescent color (potential dupe for Chanel‘s holographic nail polish, anyone?).

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What makes Milk Makeup’s Spray Nail particularly great is that it comes with stencils that allow for easier and more precise application, so if you want to try out a chrome tip or a half-moon mani, it’s as easy as laying down the stencil, spraying on the polish, and walking around the Manicure Queen you are.

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Milk Makeup Spray Nail Polish is set to launch in April, but you can pre-order it now on to make sure you get yours before it inevitably sells out instantly.

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(Photos: Courtesy of Milk Makeup)