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Strap in, friends, because I’m about to rock your world. If you’re reading this, your probably follow Milk Studios on Instagram. If you don’t, I’ll wait here while you go and do that, because in order to understand the excitement that follows in this post, you need some background knowledge. Here’s a quick rundown for those who are unfamiliar: Milk, essentially, is a media company at the forefront of all things art, fashion, film, photography, and music, and they’re basically the shit. Now that we’re on the same page, I can get down to business: Milk Studios has launched a new makeup collection, Milk Makeup, and it’s better than you could have dreamed.

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Created for the “new breed of empowered, ambitions, [and] entrepreneurial girl,” the 85-piece collection is full of pieces multi-benefit pieces that allow the wearer to change her look from day to night in no time flat. Moreover, it includes color products, beauty tools, skincare, hair care, and personal hygiene products. These people weren’t messing around when they decided to break into the beauty world.

Milk co-founder and creative director Georgie Greville told Refinery29,

“Our products are cutting-edge and connect you to the living, breathing needs of the Milk community…We strived to make every product as natural as possible while still delivering bold, nourishing results that feel like you are wearing nothing. When you feel the fairy-kiss light textures of the Lip Pigment and Marshmallow Concealer, you will know what I mean. The packaging is chic and minimal, which allowed us to give even more love to the formulations.”

With so many makeup companies adding extra focus to the way products are packaged these days (a huge part of Ashley Tisdale‘s upcoming BH Cosmetics line is the pretty rose gold packaging, and the way the lipstick is packaged in the Dillard‘s The EDGE line is a major part of the appeal), it’s refreshing to see a company actually pare down the outside appearance of its products to focus on what’s inside. Also, any line that comes out with something called “Marshamallow Concealer” is okay in my book.

But the goodness doesn’t stop there: all of the products are vegan, paraben-free, and were designed to be applied with your fingers or with a built-in applicator, so you truly can apply and reapply your makeup without having to stop and find a mirror or dig through a bag of brushes. It’s the height of beauty and convenience, really.

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The products are, as you might already be expecting, cool as hell, and range in price from $8 for a mirror compact to $38 for something called Sunshine Oil (oh, and there’s an $80 hair dryer in there, too, in case you were wondering). The Milk Makeup line doesn’t officially launch until February 2016, but here’s a sneak peek at some of our favorite pieces:

Eye Pigment ($24)

eye pigment

If you’re looking for a highly-pigmented eye shadow that you don’t need to buy an entire palette to acquire, look no further. This cream shadow is insanely bright, and it comes in six bold colors, including jewel-toned purple and green.

Lip Marker ($20)

lip marker

Do I need more lipstick? Absolutely not. Do I desperately want this matte finish lip marker that is, quite literally, the makeup equivalent of a Crayola marker? Yes. Yes I do.

Coverage Duo ($30)

coverage duo

This is the aforementioned Marshmallow Concealer. It’s described as a “liquid and marshmallow concealer duo that provides weightless, buildable coverage.” It comes with a rollerball applicator for the liquid concealer a removable pot for the marshmallow conealer. Needless to say, I’m intrigued.

Cooling Water ($24)

cooling water

This is exactly what it sounds like, and it will be my saving grace in the blisteringly hot days of summer in New York City.

Charcoal Swabs ($7)

charcoal swabs

I’ve been curious to try charcoal swabs ever since Kristyn gave the Sephora ones a spin last spring. So, you know, why not take them from the cool kids at Milk?

The Milk Makeup line is set to launch on February 8!