Sometimes beauty ends up being overly complicated when it doesn’t need to be. Think about makeup looks with 50 different products and skincare routines with 10+ steps. Sometimes, it’s the simple things that are actually the best. Just see minimalist manicures. They show that you don’t need to spend hours working on your nail art to create an impressive look. And they’re actually easy to do. Woot, woot.

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Scroll down to see the 14 minimalist nail art ideas that still make a statement:

1. Nail Tape And Polka Dots

Mix simple designs for a bold finish.


2. Pale Blue Triangles

This color combination is so fresh.


3. Orange and Brown Semi-Circles

This has a mod 60s vibe.


4. Painterly Strokes

The beauty of this look is the fact the strokes are random.


5. Black Dots

This literally takes minutes to do.


6. Black and White Fish

How cute and easy is this?


7. Pale Blue Eye Print Nails

They’re watching you…


8. Black and White Split Design

Cool, graphic and easy. Nuff said.


9. Black, White and Beige Nails

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A modern take on French and moon manicures.


10. Triple Dots

Happy Halloweekend ???

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Notice the way the dots get slightly smaller?


11. Neutral Nails With Red Embellishment

The natural nails showing through makes this moon manicure look very modern.


12. Geometric Designs

Double tap if you love this geometric nail art. #iridesi #nails #beauty

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Choose a neutral nail polish that matches skin. Then make the shape of nails pop with black and white geometric designs.


13. Gold Metallic Nail Tape And Blue Nails

Upgrade a basic blue mani in an instant with some gold nail tape.


14. Flirty Lashes

You can do these freehand or you can use stickers.