It has recently come to the internet’s attention that Miranda Kerr is in a series of bizarre Japanese ads for Lipton lemon iced tea. Not since Bill Murray‘s turn in Lost In Translation have I seen such a delightful juxtaposition of a Western star with Japanese advertising…and this one is actually real!

In the latest spot, Miranda stars a a sexy, inexplicably yellow-clad Mrs. Claus who, despite the horrific sleigh accident she’s just been in, and despite being surrounded by snow and ice, very badly wants a Lipton iced tea. She sings a pleasant little song about the beverage, halfway through which a brown, faceless ninja pops out of the sleigh to hand her one. Despite appearing to suffer from numerous broken bones, old Saint Nick enjoys a Lipton iced tea as well. Happy Teas-mas.

The other ads in the series are similarly great:


I especially like how Miranda has to say English words with a Japanese accent, like that’s the only way people are going to understand her. Keep ’em coming, guys.

Oh, and if you got my Lost In Translation reference before clicking through, there is a high possibility I want to be your friend.

(Via Styleite)