2014 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals

In the biggest news since Taylor Swift bought a flatiron, America’s other country sweetheart has finally ditched her long locks for a shorter, sexier look. When Miranda Lambert isn’t busy winning awards for her saucy lyrics (“I’m just like you… only prettier” might be my ringtone), going off on rants about Chris Brown‘s comeback, and being married to the dude from The Voice, she finds time to make a typical bob look fun and new. She debuted the cut last night at a party where she was celebrating her new album, and her hair looked every bit as cute as the lady it lives on.

miranda lambert's haircut

I can’t put my finger on the exact reason why this new look works so well, since it’s not exactly daring or anything. (From Emma Roberts to Solange Knowles, it seems like everyone in Hollywood has been switching over to classic bobs.) I think I’m feeling it so hard because it’s kind of presidential, kind of badass-lady-in-charge, kind of like “I’m the queen of country radio and I could totally stand behind a podium and make you listen to me.” It fits her personality. And her face shape.

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This haircut seems to be really in line with the image Miranda’s selling, too. She’s laid-back, she’s body positive, she’s the girl next door with an edge. It makes sense that she would want to rock a lower maintenance cut, and I’m glad she chose this one. When you’re stealing cars and catching things on fire and plotting the death of your abusive boyfriend, as Miranda’s songs want us to think she does in her spare time, you can’t have long hair in your way.

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