Miss Bulgaria 2010, Romina Andonova, just gave an interview to an outlet in her country’s capital, Sofia. While I didn’t watch the Miss World pageant she competed in or know a whole lot about her, this interview sure makes her sound like she’d be fun to get drunk with. She also has some interesting things to say about the Miss World pageant, which was held in China and won by Miss USA, Alexandria Mills.

I came back a little disappointed from the contest. I am very grateful that my agency Visage Models sent me there. China is a different world. Representatives of all over the world are gathered in one place and you have the opportunity to get to know them. The contest taught me how to be more disciplined and organized.

But I personally felt a little bit used. And the other girls as well. We talked a lot about it. They did not leave us five minutes to realize where we were and what was going on. It was traveling and photo shoots all the time. You have to smile all the time. It was very intense. We slept on buses, on planes, on the ground of the hall where we were rehearsing. It was very interesting and a lot of fun, but in the end, the reality is different.

I cannot say whether it was set up or not. But the fact is that [Mills] appeared in a magazine with the Director of Miss World. She also appeared in the media many times without all of the other contestants. We all knew she would be the winner. You could tell by the attention the crew paid to her that there was something going on. But I do not blame them because this is a very serious contest. You cannot leave everything to chance.

Bulgarian girls are much more beautiful than other girls. Russians and Ukrainians could be our competition. They are really beautiful. But for me, the contest and all other beauty contests should not be only about beauty.