Yesterday, the world rejoiced as Miss Rhode Island, Olivia Culpo, took over the crown of Miss USA. But in the aftermath, another contestant is alleging that the contest was rigged all along, and that the winners had been selected before the competition ever took place.

Sheena Monnin, a.k.a. Miss Pennsylvania 2012, wrote on her Facebook page that one of her fellow contestants saw a list of the Top 5 pageant winners on June 3, for that evening’s competition:

I witnessed another contestant who said she saw the list of the Top 5 BEFORE THE SHOW EVER STARTED proceed to call out in order who the Top 5 were before they were announced on stage. Apparently the morning of June 3rd she saw a folder lying open to a page that said ‘FINAL SHOW Telecast, June 3, 2012’ and she saw the places for Top 5 already filled in. Thinking she was just seeing a rehearsal fake top 5 from a previous day she walked away, then realized that it had without a doubt been labeled as the Final Show Telecast, June 3rd. After the Top 16 were called and we were standing backstage she hesitantly said to me and another contestant that she knew who the Top 5 were. I said ‘who do you think they will be?’ She said that she didn’t ‘think’ she ‘knew’ because she saw the list that morning. She relayed whose names were on the list. Then we agreed to wait and see if that was indeed the Top 5 called that night. After it was indeed the Top 5 I knew the show must be rigged; I decided at that moment to distance myself from an organization who did not allow fair play and whose morals did not match my own. That is all I know about this.

In protest, Monnin has resigned her position. Scandale!