You guys have loved our previous posts that put the spotlight on YouTube’s beauty blogging community, and if you’re looking for someone new to subscribe to, we have yet another awesome recommendation! She’s hilarious, she’s a feminist, and she does a kickass winged eyeliner. Her name is Meghan Hughes, and her channel (MissMeghanMakeup) is about to become one of your favorites. From haul videos to comedic vlogs, she always finds a way to be entertaining and informative. To get you started, here are five videos that showcase her style!

1. #LONGHAIRPROBZ. As Buzzfeed’s popularity has proven time and time again, people love reading (and watching) lists of things they can relate to. This video is funnier, cuter, and more worthwhile than the majority of listicles floating around, so if you’re a lady with extra-long hair, you won’t regret watching.

2. Christmas Eve OOTN. We couldn’t be further away from Christmas, but Meghan makes really awesome videos that focus on a single outfit, and I like this one a lot. If you’re bored and looking for style inspiration, just suspend your disbelief for a second and pretend it’s winter.

3. Pizza Talk. This is the first episode of Meghan’s new series in which she sits cross-legged on her bed, eats a pizza, and gives advice to inquiring fans. It’s every bit as adorable as it sounds– and if you think you won’t enjoy watching a stranger dip her crusts in garlic sauce, you’re probably wrong.

4. Get Ready With Me: Valentine’s Day Date. There’s something so satisfying about watching someone to do their makeup and like… living vicariously through them. You might be wearing sweatpants in bed, but you can watch this video and pretend you’re getting dressed up for a fancy date. It’s fun. Meghan does an awesome job. It has a twist ending. What else are you looking for?

5. How to Style: Kimonos. This fashion inspiration video features BeautyBaby44, another one of our favorite bloggers, who just happens to be Meghan’s sister. I don’t know how it’s fair that they both ended up with awesome style, but we’re lucky we get to watch them put it to good use.

If you’re interested in keeping up with Meghan, be sure to subscribe to her channel and follow her on Twitter. (Oh, and don’t be afraid to tell her that we sent you!)

Photo: MissMeghanMakeup on YouTube