Sometimes it’s fun to check out the “Bizarre News” page at ABC to find out about… failed kidnappings, a lot of the time. It’s reassuring to know that criminals are mostly stupid and they’re not about to grab you and sell you into slavery right this minute. And sometimes there are even weirder, crazier stories, stories that really fit the “the stories may be strange, but they’re true” slogan. Like what? Like the fact that Victoria’s Secret model Lily Aldridge eats carbs. Here’s the strange-but-true story:

The 25-year-old Aldridge says she’s been getting ready for the [Victoria’s Secret] show by trying to cut down on sugar and doing sets of 100 crunches, leg lifts and rear-end lifts. But when the lingerie fashion show is over, she says she’ll be going back to steak, peas and mashed potatoes. Aldridge jokes she’s so used to walking around in her underwear, it feels a little weird to be in her clothes.

Okay, I’m trying to find something weird about this. It is not weird that Victoria’s Secret models spend time in their underwear. It is not weird that they exercise. The only thing I’m getting is that she will soon be eating a steak again, as opposed to kale? Well. Good to know. What truly crazy times we live in.